Shangri La Trout Preserve

The Adirondack's premiere fishing preserve

Some comments from our guests:

For anyone taking a moment to read this. I don't write reviews, or fill out surveys and such. My time is valuable and they take time. With that said I feel our stay at Shangri La was worth my time to review... Bob couldn't have been a better, more kind, easy to talk to person. I sincerely thank him for allowing my family to stay there. We were really lucky to find this place last min, and he was very accommodating. He called me prior to departure, and while we were there. He answered all questions and provided important details you would want to know via conversation or promptly by email. The gentleman that cares for the property was also great, and lives very close. He stopped by to introduce himself, made sure we didn't need anything, and offered information on the area. The property was beautiful and well kept. I can't think of anything we were in need of that wasn't provided. The pond was the prize of the property and we had it all to ourselves. My daughter, our dog Maggie, and I made it out to the island a few times. The property around the pond was well kept enabling us to walk around the entire pond. Our old girl Maggie was so fun to watch as her youth revisited as soon as she was outside, and in the water. She absolutely was in heaven swimming at her leisure. She fetched anything we could throw as far as we could, walked the bank looking for frogs to catch and would swim along side us. Also note worthy is the large wooden bird nest posted on the bank of the pond, outside the cabin. I have learned the resident birds are Tree Swallows, and this time of year (July) they were busy feeding their young. If we stood too close they became very protective and occasionally would buzzed our heads. The pond was well stocked with brook trout, and fishing was a good source of entertainment. We landed countless trout, and a few small bullhead. The rental manager told me of a large pond behind the property that holds land locked Atlantic salmon, the name of the pond escapes me. I drove to its closet parking area and walked a trail down to the pond. There was a beautiful log home estate, where I launched my pack raft. I never expected to catch anything... However I did manage to land one small Atlantic salmon, and it was really an uplifting moment for me, and well worth the trip. Our family has discussed returning to the rental next year with other family members.  

Owner's Response  

Thank you Mark for taking the time to share your interesting and fun experiences at Shangri-La. We look forward to your return with your expanded family and your further enjoyment of the Shangri-La Adirondack experience.     

I spent the last week of Aug with my family at Shangri La. My Mom, my 2 sons & their kids - 6 of my grandchildren ages 5 to 15. There are 3 lovely cabins. My Mom & I took the main cabin, it has 2 cozy bedrooms with very comfy beds, my sons & 4 kids in the 2nd cabin which sleeps 6 & the two fifteen yr olds in the 2 bed bunk cabin, perfect. The pond is beautiful & serene with an island in the middle of it. The main cabin has a screened in porch overlooking the pond & very early mornings were a favorite time of day to have my coffee out there & wait for the birdlife that visits the pond. I watched Great Blue Herons, Osprey, Kingfisher & Teal & Black Ducks in the peace & quiet. I could hear the loons calling from nearby Debar pond. There is a land phone line in the main cabin but no internet service & cell phone service is sketchy. This sounded frightening to the kids before we left but without the distraction of their various devices the kids were outside all day, every day. A canoe & rowboat are provided & we brought some inflatable rafts from home. Bob Valentine, the owner, kindly stocked the pond with Brook Trout before we arrived & there was never a dull moment for the kids while fishing. They caught & released most of the fish but kept 4 big ones they had gathered over the week & we roasted them on the grill before we left on Sat morning. Along with the boating & fishing, we were swimming, hiking, playing badminton & croquet. The kids played hide n seek & ghost in the graveyard games at night & packed up lunches to take over to the island for picnics a few afternoons. They were well tired out at the end of the day. We had loosely planned a trip to the Wild Center in Tupper Lake for a rainy day but we had no rain & none of us wanted to leave Shangri La for an entire day. There is a TV with satellite service in the 2nd cabin - the only time it was on was at night when the kids were settling down for bed. Minus the internet devices I was able to have conversations with my grandkids all week with them actually looking at me while we talked. Now I know what color their eyes are. We had a wonderful time & I know that all of us especially the kids will remember our week warmly for the rest of our lives. If you’re looking for real quality time with your family in a tranquil Adirondack setting Shangri La is the place to go. Thank you Bob & Phil!   

Away from city lights, the Milky Way was spectacular. And the silence, except for my companions, was golden. Stunning foliage colors nestled in among the deep greens of the pines and spruce. I found it difficult to tear myself away from the tranquil pond for a day's jaunt to nearby Montreal, and while that trip was enjoyable and educational, I welcomed returning to Shangri-la - a delightful place for rest and rejuvenation.   

Beautiful. Perfect for everyone, young and old. Lawns, surrounded by forest. The pond is outstanding for the canoe or rowboat, with lunch on the island. Spent many hours in an Adirondack chair, reading at the lake edge. Coffee on the deck in the morning, enjoying mist rising from the pond, listening to fish splash.   

We had an amazing time at Shangri-La. It's away from the typical tourist cities, but close enough to still explore them if you'd like. You are completely secluded and have access to a private pond and plenty of indoor space to relax. I used the location for multiple photoshoots during my stay because of how unique and picturesque it is. It's great for large groups or families with plenty of beds spread out between 3 separate cabins. Bob was a great help and had some great recommendations for photo locations as well as areas close by to check out. I would definitely recommend staying here if you get the chance!